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Date Posted: 20:47 16/05/2005

Lickspittle foreign hacks tell lies about China

And that probably includes us.

WE AT Running Dog have in the past been accused of being anti-Chinese, as well as being apologist Communist fellow-travelling idiots. Although we are crushed by the criticism, we have no idea how to rectify our thinking. And so, in search of truth, we turned to the government.

We then discovered that a senior official has launched a sensational diatribe against the foreign media stationed in China, urging them to be more objective and fair when writing about China. We are doing our utmost to take his remarks into consideration.

Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum now being held in Beijing, Zhao Qizheng, the director of the State Council's News Office, said today that China was unhappy with the one-sided reports of one or two foreign media organizations, which 'exaggerate deficiencies' or 'use rumours to serve as official reports'. 'These misunderstandings are hard to clear up,' he said.

For example, some reports refer to China as a threat, even though 'throughout history, Chinese people have never had any thought, need or ability to violate others'.

Qian accused certain foreign media organizations of first coming to conclusions and then finding the facts to fit them. 'They reckon China isn't very good,' he said, 'and then they look for so-called facts, and the facts are again untrue.'

'As far as Chinese reporting is concerned,' he said, 'I reckon Xinhua News Agency is more accurate,' a statement that Xinhua themselves, with touching modesty, neglected to report.

Running Dog is curious as to the identity of the media organizations responsible for Qian's ire. If anyone can enlighten us, please send an e-mail to

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