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Date Posted: 14:13 29/01/2005

Zhao Ziyang's serious mistake

Xinhua goes to bury Zhao Ziyang, but not to praise him

AFTER ALMOST two weeks of wrangling between a nervous leadership and a mourning family, former Communist Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang was cremated this morning. And after almost two weeks of official silence, the media gag was lifted slightly, with state news agency Xinhua providing details of the funeral, held at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetary in Beijing, and the presence of Jia Qinglin, Party Central Committee member and head of the China People's Political Consultative Conference.

The Xinhua report finally delivers the official verdict on Zhao Ziyang, beginning with his birth in 1919 in Henan Province, his entry into the Communist Youth Organization in 1932, his revolutionary activities beginning in 1937, his official entry into the Chinese Communist Party in 1938, and so on, all the way up the 'valuable contributions' he made as one of China's important leaders and finally, the 'serious mistake' he committed during the 'political storm' of 1989.

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