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Date Posted: 17:46 08/01/2005

Wenzhou businessman registers Saddam as a trademark

More curious goings on in the world of Chinese intellectual property

A MAN in Wenzhou has submitted a sketch of the heavily bearded former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the State Industry and Commerce Administration with a view to registering the image as a trademark, according to a report in the Beijing-based newspaper Xin Jing Bao.

The man, one Lin Muliang of the Wenzhou Sanmu Trademark Office, believes he has avoided all issues relating to the 'portraiture' and 'reputation' rights of Saddam Hussein, and he told reporters that if his application is successful, he could earn US$25 million selling the trademark, the same as the reward offered by the United States for Saddam's capture.

This is not the first incident of copyright violations involving reviled international pariahs. Several months ago, an entrepreneur in Henan Province launched a new kebab restaurant with the name 'Bin Laden'.

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