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Date Posted: 22:38 14/05/2005


Running Dog vows to return

IT HAS been a long and difficult few weeks - a dizzying kaleidoscope of unslept nights and lost weekends across this great nation. The expat lifestyle has its dangers, not the least of which is the copious amounts of very cheap alcohol and the vast array of troubled souls with whom one can share it.

And so, after becoming what can only be described as persona non grata in the bar we helped to open in Jinghong, drinking far too much and behaving far too badly, Running Dog went on to conduct a baijiu binge in the province of Henan. The fact that we were on a business trip, conducting interviews with various industry bigwigs in the region, was neither here nor there, because our government guides and interviewees were all equally willing to drink until they dropped, as we have noted before.

All this is by way of explaining the fact that Running Dog has not been updated for far too long, a lapse we are hoping, soon, to get around to remedying.

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