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Date Posted: 23:40 04/11/2004

The US election: some local reactions

Running Dog gathers some opinions on the most important election of all time, ever.

Lead singer with Shanghai grunge band, Dirty Smells

This is all a way of undermining China. Bush will leave Iraq, which was just a smokescreen, and attack China. Like when they killed Chinese diplomats and invented SARS and sold arms and brainwashed Chen Shui-bian with special mind-distorting drugs...

English language teacher

As I said in my blog, no one held out much love for John Kerry, make no mistake about it, but at the end of the day, the choice was clear, between a man who has systematically destroyed the reputation of the US and a man who, erm, hasn't.. I call upon all right-thinking bloggers to launch impeachment charges immediately against....

Professor of American Studies, Yinchuan University of Metallurgy

China has to work with the President of the United States, whoever it turns out to be, and there are sufficient checks and balances in the US constitution, as well as the ones provided by years of friendly relations between China and the US, to give cause for hope. However, George Bush has proven himself to be reckless in terms of international relations. It is time for China to be strong in international affairs and create a multipolar political system... Rogue state.... China's Embassy in Yugoslavia... Mavericks and cowboys... Violation of 'One China' principle... Hainan Island... What next? The invasion of North Korea? Take your hamburgers and stick them up......

Experimental poet, blogger

Bush, you're out of your league young man,
Smashing the Founding Fathers like so much pumpkin pie,
Attacking, attacking, attacking, death death death,
I voted for Nader, I did.

Fake DVD seller, Xiangyang Market

DVDs? VCDs? Shoes? Bags? John Kerry ragdolls? (You're fired. Ed)

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