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Wacky and weird news stories about china, from the rest of the world.

Headline Picture 1Hack attack

Chairman Mao, the Supergirls, Sister Hibiscus, and the dumbing-down of journalism
Date Posted: 20:30 14/09/2005

Headline Picture 2The "China threat" and other theories

Are other countries exaggerating the threat posed by China's growth?
Date Posted: 16:30 11/07/2005

Headline Picture 3Lickspittle foreign hacks tell lies about China

And that probably includes us.
Date Posted: 20:47 16/05/2005

Headline Picture 4China blusters and the world quakes

Rumours of an imminent cross-Strait conflict are exaggerated
Date Posted: 23:52 14/03/2005

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