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Caves, pigs, toilets shock
New year fizzles out for China's Internet users
A rare victory in Jiangxi
Censored in a "fundamental manner"


If they build it, they will come


Power games in Sichuan


Plans and pipedreams
1.3 billion little problems
Taishi and the woes of government
Unrest in Fantasia


Litanies and catch-alls
The phantom Chairmen
Cynicism and civilization
Shanghai High
Hack attack
Planet Tharg and the Three Represents


Mao and History
Look before you Li Peng
Dammed if you do, damned if you don't
A riot by any other name
The "China threat" and other theories
Capital punishment
This site is blocked


Hu, Anhui and The Harmonious Society
Israel Epstein (1915-2005)


Chinese history and other fictions
Journalist gets drunk shock
Bubble bubble
Lickspittle foreign hacks tell lies about China


Carnival of hate
Shanghai joins the Japan bash


A real state
China blusters and the world quakes
Sorry for China
Green walls and black holes
Not so cocky as you used to be, are you China?
Human race on the verge of extinction shock


Displaced jouissance at China Youth Daily
The Dragon awakes
Two birds with one stone
China-US: It's War!
Lord, if the Chinese didn't put Saddam on a slipper
Kyoto or bust
Dying for coal
Pointless, inane violence
Nationalizing the dispute
Down with feudal superstition
The Stinking Ninth
The centre cannot hold


Improving the rural masses
Democracy, Chinese style
SEPA and the Three Gorges Corporation square up
Zhao Ziyang's serious mistake
Pan handles the environment
Iraq and the Fujian diaspora
The China Threat
Striking hard against gambling
Zhao Ziyang (1919-2005)
The poverty of debate
Japan and China squabble over natural gas
Wenzhou businessman registers Saddam as a trademark
China's official population hits 1.3 billion
Wen the Saint goes marching in
The more things change…..


Opening the Deep Temple
Don't drink the water
Dirty rotten bureaucrats
Hu's the boss
You say propaganda….


Exchange of views
China and Japan : No love lost
Shanghai to reduce population by half a million in six years
Lies, Dam Lies and Hydropower Stations
China celebrates Reporters' Day
The US election: some local reactions


China Youth Daily goes green
More Woe in Yunnan
Bonfire of the bourgeois vanities
Shanghai has more money than last year shock
China cracks down on football hooligans
Bin and Gone
Southern Metropolis Daily laments the poor
In with the Nu
Running Dog returns


Evil old women take over Shanghai
Journey to the West Part II


Journey to the West


Shanghai's idle youth expands


Between the Devil and the Deep Red Sea
Circling the Square
Millions more to move to Shanghai shock
Taiwan to attack Three Gorges Dam shock
Spoiling the Party
Revolting students greet the Olympic torch
China's war on drugs


Life goes on during Labour Day
The rule of crooks, not laws
Youth Daily proposes changes to One Child Policy


War of words
The Well-Off Society
Shanghai protects environment shock


Fishing for trouble


GDP blues
"Building a toilet is harder than building Shenzhou 5"
China: What a carve-up
Bombs, Bumpkins And The Idiocy Of Rural Life
Hu for oil


The Great Leap Backwards
China's biggest killer
Phlegm fatale
Growing pains
Hacks of the world unite
China has too many people shock


Run for your lives
Learn to count with the CCP!
Happy Birthday, Chairman Mao
Peasants in pre-holiday crime spree shock


Legless in Xuzhou
The Uighurs of Guantanamo
Murderers rampage through China shock
Poverty and talking frogs
Legless in Xuzhou


Demolitions and hatchet jobs
A good piece of arable land spoiled
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (1897-2003)
Sex crimes and national indignation
Nature is sometimes man-made


Sun Worship
Zhou Enlai's Ashtray
National humiliation remains on Chinese minds


China is too big even for a big book
For he is an Englishman....
Slums from the Qing Dynasty are still slums
SARS in a Wilderness of Mirrors


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