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headline picture 1 Caves, pigs, toilets shock

A round-up of some China-related stories that fell off the news wagon in 2005
Date Posted: 14:00 11/01/2006

headline picture 1 New year fizzles out for China's Internet users

Trendier guest columnist, Running Doggie Dogg, sees his party information dry up
Date Posted: 14:30 10/01/2006

headline picture 1 A rare victory in Jiangxi

China Youth Daily provides details of rural triumph in a small village in east China
Date Posted: 23:30 05/01/2006

headline picture 1 Censored in a "fundamental manner"

The Coup at the Beijing News
Date Posted: 22:27 04/01/2006

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Classic Articles From The Running Dog Archive

In With the Nu


The Stinking Ninth: China's intellectuals

Bonfire of the Bourgeois Vanities



If they build it, they will come

Fields of dreams in northern Jiangsu Province
Date Posted: 13:00 06/12/2005

Power games in Sichuan

Development and destruction in China's southwest
Date Posted: 23:55 23/11/2005

Plans and pipedreams

The new Five-Year Plan recognizes the problems, but can it solve them? 1x bet promo
Date Posted: 14:30 16/10/2005

1.3 billion little problems

The total perspective vortex, Chinese style
Date Posted: 23:27 11/10/2005

Taishi and the woes of government

The more things stay the same, the more they change.
Date Posted: 23:30 09/10/2005

Unrest in Fantasia

Five-Year Plans and political manoeuvrings in the central government
Date Posted: 14:24 08/10/2005

Litanies and catch-alls

China's internet news law is more of the same
Date Posted: 17:30 26/09/2005

The phantom Chairmen

How many Maos does it take to change a nation?
Date Posted: 23:38 22/09/2005

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